Staging Your Home to Sell

Potential home buyers will decide to purchase your home in the first 30 seconds upon entering it. The first impression your home makes on potential buyers is the key to selling your home fast and for top dollar. Intrigue them with that "wow" factor and you will gain a buyer instantly!

Remember you are putting your home on display, so it must be presentable and attractive. If you do not have an eye for presentation and coordination, hire a professional designer. A designer can stage a home in no time.Their expert eye for detail and their ability to key in on the emotional visual appeal will grab the buyers' attention and get you the results you want.

Four Key Steps to Follow as You Stage Your Home

1. Clean, Organize, and De-clutter. All rooms and every space in the house need to be addressed. Pack up anything that is not being used and store out of sight or off site. Buyers will look in closets, open drawers, and cabinets. Keep all rooms clean and, most importantly, filled to a minimum. All counter tops must be rid of bulky items, small appliances, and ALL personal items. De-personalize your space. Keep things bare with one or two decorative accessories for color or interest.

2. Painting and Repairs. Take time to inventory all walls inside and out for cracks and damage. A fresh coat of paint does wonders to give life to a home. Keep the colors on the neutral side and never use boring white! Check for leaky faucets, dirty windows, and sticky or stained flooring. New carpet is the least expensive choice if you need to replace your flooring.

3. Appeal to All 5 Senses. Turn off all televisions and computers. Add soft music in the background. Open all draperies and blinds to let the natural light into the house. Keep all pets out of the home. Candles and plants make a big difference. Use soft throws, comfy pillows & rugs for the buyer to feel and touch. Most importantly, use as much light as possible through the use of lamps and overhead lighting.

4. Furniture Arrangement. Keep all furniture pieces to a minimum. 2-3 pieces in a grouping works. Do not clutter a space but instead minimize it using a few key accessories like a mirror or artwork. Keep spaces open enough to walk around and sit down if the buyer chooses to do so.

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