Experienced designers often express your tastes even better than you can and will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Why it Pays to Hire a Professional Designer

  1. A Designer Can Save You Money:
    They can bring a level of expertise to the project, save you money, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

  2. A Designer Can Express a Clients Personality & Style in a Unique Way:
    They will create a personal reflection of the client, make your space livable, yet have that WOW appearance.

  3. A Designer Can Envision a Space That Works For You:
    They connect the links between proportion, style, color, fabric, and furniture.

  4. A Designer Can Assist in the Timing of Project and Purchases:
    They will assist in the installation of a project and help purchase the proper scale of furniture.

  5. A Designer Has Great Resources and Knowledge:
    They have connections with industry professionals and keeps abreast of the latest trends.

  6. A Designer Offers a Personal Service With a Fair Price:
    They provide services appropriately according to the scale and nature of project. Depending on the project the service could include floor plans, furniture design, fabric, paint and materials samples.

  7. A Designer Can Determine the Order of Your Priorities:
    They create a budget and determine where the money and time is spent according to your needs.

  8. A Designer Can Design Around Your Personal Needs:
    They develop a plan appropriate to your lifestyle, routines, likes, and needs at home.

  9. A Designer Will Monitor All Aspects of the Project:
    They do all legwork and paperwork, and see to it that all work is done to completion with the clients approval.

  10. A Designer Will Simplify Your Life:
    They create a home that is designed to reflect you and meets all your needs.